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If you need awesome auto mechanics to work on your vehicle’s engine diagnostics and repairs, the auto repair technicians at Scotts Valley Transmission & Auto Care want to talk to you! For engine diagnostics and repairs in Santa Cruz County, you’ll find no better place than Scotts Valley Transmission & Auto Care. We service and repair engines from people all over Santa Cruz County, with some clients even braving Highway 17 from Los Gatos or San Jose. 

For engine diagnostics and repairs, our auto repair experts use the latest Snap On tools and scanners to pinpoint issues within the engine and for all your transmission diagnostics. It’s critical that your auto technicians be able to diagnose any issues with your engine quickly and early before a little problem turns into a huge and costly ordeal. And it’s important that you have auto mechanics that you can really trust. At Scotts Valley Transmission & Auto Care, we know what it’s like to drive the sometimes-hazardous roads around Santa Cruz County--because we drive them every day ourselves! Having someone you can call who’ll let you know what needs to happen with your vehicle’s engine diagnostics and repairs can make a difference in your peace of mind. 

Why do some of our customers drive from cities as far away as Soquel and Los Gatos to get to Scotts Valley Transmission & Auto Care? Lots of reasons! We offer great customer service, and we don’t upsell, for one. Second, we recommend what’s needed to put safety first. Third, we specialize in the build of new transmissions, so contractors know we are the go-to place in the Santa Cruz and Scotts Valley area. We don’t only serve contractors, though. Word has been spreading that we do general auto repair, too. We love the complex problems that other shops don’t always want to see. So bring your engine diagnostics and repairs here to Scotts Valley Transmission & Auto Care and we’ll take care of you.

Why not read one of our five-star reviews for another reason to come into see us? 

“Scotts Valley Auto & Transmission is an awesome shop, hands down. I picked up a '74 El Camino and I needed to make sure it would make the trip back home to Texas, about 1600 miles. They were the only shop who would see me on such short notice, even told me what kind of costs we'd be looking at without me having to ask. Christy & Rigo up front got me settled in,  and told me about all the cool sights the area had to offer. John is the mechanic who works on the classics and he's a straight shooter. Knows his stuff, works on his own cars, one of the old school guys. He pointed out what on the car was in good shape, what could use some attention, and what I needed to focus on replacing first, all without trying to sell me on anything. I visited them for a pre-road trip inspection on Thursday, and me & the car made it home to Texas Sunday night. Best auto shop experience I've ever had. I just wish they were closer to home. If you're scared of taking your car into the shop because you think you might get ripped off one way or another, just head on down to Scotts Valley Transmission & Auto Care, they'll get you sorted out without any of the stress or anxiety that usually follows when needing auto repair or maintenance.” -- Colin B.

If you need engine diagnostics and repairs in the Santa Cruz area, make an appointment at Scotts Valley Transmission & Auto Care. Our hours are Monday through Thursday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, and Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM. We’re located at 5346 Scotts Valley Drive, Ste G, Scotts Valley, CA 95066.

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