MB Green Business Award

When we bought Scotts Valley Transmission in July of 2014, we found that the previous owners, Ken and Igrid Stevison, were a part of the Monterey Bay Area Green Business Program. We are also passionate about green practices for business and at home.

One reason we want Scotts Valley Transmission & Auto Care to be "green" is to combat the global warming issue. We care about our planet, and want to do whatever we can to help in everything we do. We recycle waste oil and coolant, crush oil filters, use non-chlorinated, less toxic products, recycle all properly covered refrigerants from air conditioning systems, use an aqueous-based cleaning system to wash parts, and even use green-sealed cleaning products! We are a green and clean vehicle service shop that properly manages liquid hazardous wastes and cares for employee health and safety. By taking steps to clean our industry, we have created a safer workplace.

At home and at work, we recycle everything we can. We use less and try to preserve our environment here and around us. At our shop office, we use recycled content paper and reusable supplies.

All of us at Scotts Valley Transmission & Auto Care wanted to continue the green business practices to set an example. If we all help, pitch in, and work to save the environment, then it will still be here for our grandchildren.

- Mark Kennedy, Scotts Valley Transmission & Auto Care

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