Every so often we receive letters and emails from customers about their experiences of working with us for their automotive needs. Below are a few comments.


I brought in my 1988 Ford F150 truck as it had a leek in transmission. I just left it there with words: "please fix" and "look around". Guys did incredible work: they went through every piece of transmission, checked everything around it, found things that I've overlooked and fixed them all. After test drive I had impression like it was totally new car :-) Really good job! Thank you! /bow


Quick & honest on my repair


Scotts Valley Auto & Transmission is an awesome shop, hands down. I picked up a '74 El Camino and I needed to make sure it would make the trip back home to Texas, about 1600 miles. They were the only shop who would see me on such short notice, even told me what kind of costs we'd be looking at without me having to ask. Christy & Rigo up front got me settled in, and told me about all the cool sights the area had to offer. John is the mechanic who works on the classics and he's a straight shooter. Knows his stuff, works on his own cars, one of the old school guys. He pointed out what on the car was in good shape, what could use some attention, and what I needed to focus on replacing first, all without trying to sell me on anything. I visited them for a pre-road trip inspection on Thursday, and me & the car made it home to Texas Sunday night. Best auto shop experience I've ever had. I just wish they were closer to home. If you're scared of taking your car into the shop because you think you might get ripped off one way or another, just head on down to Scotts Valley Transmission & Auto Care, they'll get you sorted out without any of the stress or anxiety that usually follows when needing auto repair or maintenance.


This place has always been my go-to auto service for my Diesel truck. I feel they have been honest with me and have given good value for my money on repairs and service.


Brad's the man great customer service quick reliable and reasonable pricing I have a 2002 Ford explorer and it has no way to check transmission fluid levels they service all my vehicle's now it's a good knowledgeable professional service they provide thanks so transmission


I am the Controller for Sandman Glass Inc and in charge of our service vehicles maintenance. We have been taking our service vehicles to Mark (&formerly Ken) at SV Transmission for several years now. I cannot express enough how wonderful all the techs are at SV Transmission, especially Mark the owner. They are knowledgeable, and friendly and always do their best to get our vehicles in for servicing as soon as possible, and their prices are extremely fair - What more could you want? Oh them to stand by their work - well they certainly do that as well!!!!! I would highly recommend SV Transmission to all of my friends, as I also take my personal vehicles there for servicing.


This place is fantastic!! They were efficient, reasonable, explained everything to me in a way I could understand and they didn't try to do any unnecessary repairs. What a great relief it was to drive away in my car knowing that I wasn't staring down the barrel at an expensive transmission repair or replacement.!


Fantastic crew and you can trust what they say. They stand by their work!!


I dropped the Mach1 off at Scotts Valley Transmission & Auto Care and was given a prompt diagnostic quote. The AOD shift kit was shock loading the drivetrain at every shift point. Calling in almost a week later the work was still in progress. I called almost two weeks later and was told it was ready.I rate businesses based on a star for the following categories:Timeliness (Were there any unreasonable delays to give the customer the result?)Integrity (Was the correct product or solution delivered?)Pricing (Was the price close to fair market value without huge markups?)Communication (Was there communication of progress or issues?)Courtesy (Was the customer given the courtesy of all of the above?) Driving away, I was pleased with the quality of the work performed. They gave me exactly what I was asking for. The AOD now exhibits firm shifts without the shock loading shifts that were present beforehand. Pricing is what I would have expected so no issues there.I am giving 4 stars because I didn't feel communication was all that good. People get busy but a 3 minute phone call doesn't take too long.Can you TRUST this shop to fix your car without taking advantage of you? YES.


Kudos to SV Transmission. They repaired my transmission on warrantee. They were honest, efficient, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them to all my friends.